Simply the Best.

We are distributors and partners of the finest modern artisans and craftsmen of top-flight musical instruments. We also spend a great deal of time restoring vintage instruments to their former glory, with a focus or pre-war acoustic instruments.

Life is too short to meddle with average gear so we work with only the finest boutique brands & luthiers from both today and years gone by.

If you are customer looking for a great deal or a musical instrument retailer looking to bolster your line up, you've come to the right place. Just send us a message or call us.

If you are an elite craftsman in the musical instrument industry & need help managing or expanding your business, we'd love to speak to you about the numerous services we can provide.

Services range from a task as simple as expanding your dealer network, to more involved services such as order processing, order fulfillment and shipping services.

Patents, trademarks, supply chain management, mergers & acquisitions are also right up our alley. Let us help you with the monotonous back end grunt work of your business and you focus on your craft.  

We've been around since 2010.  It's been a real joy to work with some amazing brands & retailers. We look forward to adding more partners to our network or retailers & craftsmen.