Lyon & Healy - Guitar Builder

Lyon & Healy (LH) was founded in 1864 by George Washburn Lyon and Patrick Joseph Healy as a music publications shop for the Boston Company of Oliver Ditson. Lyon & Healy quickly expanded as a retail distributor for musical instruments.

By 1880 they were making stringed instruments and later that decade they were producing guitars at the same quality level as C.F. Martin

Our primary areas of focus for LH are the Washburn and Lakeside brands. The Washburn brand was their premier brand, many of which featured the high quality tone woods of Brazilian rosewood and Sitka spruce. 

Lakeside was a a budget brand of their but the quality was on par with the Washburn brand. The necks are large and add great tone to the guitar. In place of Rosewood, they used Oak on some models and Birch on others. The Oak models are much preferred. This underrated tonewood falls in between Maple and Mahogany on the tone spectrum. 

We usually have a few pre-war LH guitars ready for immediate shipment. We also but Lyon & Healy guitars.