We own Intellectual Property right to several innovations in the guitar pickup industry. We are also actively involved in pursuing other innovations in the musical instrument industry.


Virtual Stagger Technology (VST) - A technology the overcomes the limitations of standard guitar pickups in regards to the interaction of the pickups to various string gauges and inconsistent string heights.  

Dynamic Magnetic Response (DMR) -  Increases the range of the magnetic material inside a guitar pickup. This enhances the dynamic range of each instrument in which the pickups are installed.

Infinite Bridge Technology (IBT) - This technology increase the perceived output of each pickup without adding harsh frequencies. The bridge pickup stays balanced and mixes well with other pickups.

Harmonic Sustain Capture (HSR) - Captures an increased amount of harmonic sustain but adding an alloy between the magnetic material and magnet wire located in the pickup. 

Pending Projects

Acoustic Pickup Design, Resonator Pickup Design & Acoustic Amplification