A.M.P. History

Since 2010, American Musical Products (AMP) been involved in product innovation and distribution. Our first shop preceded the formation of American Musical Products and was located across the street from the old Carvin factory on World Trade Drive in San Diego. We used this facility to restore pre-war acoustic guitars, make OEM pickups for a few guitar brands, while also working on R&D and distribution in other industries. 

In the beginning, we were involved several different industries, ranging from cellular to satellite to medical technologies. Since 2012, we've almost been exclusively focus on the music instrument industry and have slightly changed our name, to American Musical Products from American Wholesale Products, to reflect the narrowing focus of our business.

Our first studio in the San Diego Area was at the old Stringmaster facility in Poway. This was important location in developing our proprietary innovations of guitar pickup technology. We could get loud at all hours of the night & had a versatile community of guitarists to work with.

In 2015, the brand Tone Specific Pickups was launched under our umbrella. Following exponential growth, year after year, Tone Specific has been established as an LLC in the State of California. 

In the era of Covid, like many other industries, we moved operations to more of a home-based model. Our founder, Randall Van Dyke, lives in an unincorporated of San Diego county, where most people have a large shop, several acres of land or both. We were able to put the extra space to use during this time that proved difficult for so many.

These days in addition to our home-based shops, we also maintain an office space down in Poway. This office is used to meet and great the various pro guitarists or clients traveling through the San Diego area.

As we move forward, we remain focused on supporting our clients, licensing our proprietary technology, restoring vintage instruments and developing new innovations in the musical instrument industry.