About Randall Van Dyke

Our Manager Director, Randall Van Dyke, is best known to the public as the founder of Tone Specific Pickups, but he has been an active innovator since the 1990's.

His most recent innovations are improvements to guitar pickup technology, prior to that he worked in the areas of satellite and cellular technologies. His passion for everything guitar drove him to become extremely active in restoring pre-war acoustic guitars. At any point in time, we have 20-30 prewar instruments in stock.

Due to the demands of running Tone Specific, he has limited his R&D work for other industries and almost eliminated his restoration work on vintage acoustic guitars. Recent guitar restorations have been performed by luthiers Ken McKay and Stephen Chipman.

Randall is actively involved everything Tone Specific and still lends a great deal of time to clients of American Musical Products.