Alessandro Lybeert - Luthier

Alesandro Lybeert was a Luthier from Florence, Italy that made incredible mandolins, guitars and violins in the late 19th century.

Lybeert was from a family of Luthiers and Florence was a hub of amazing luthiers during Lybeert's lifetime. Lybeert was known as an elite luthier in Florence. 

Some of his instruments are exhibited in instrument museums as they are exceptional pieces of the period. His instruments are treasured because they are built to a very high standard of craftsmanship.

"When playing this Lybeert guitar, you can feel the violin influence. This thing is small & light but feels substaintal and sounds huge." said our shop manager, Randall Van Dyke. "There are not any Lybeert guitars in existence, I feel lucky to have this one."

Randall loves his Lybeert so much, he feature it in his only photo on social media. We are always on the look out for guitar from Lybeert. 

Randall Van Dyke w/ 1880's Alessandro Lybeert guitar

1880's Lybeert Guitar, played by Randall Van Dyke