Louis Sutz - Luthier

Louis Sutz (1862-1942) was a German-born luthier that lived in Cincinnati, OH during early 1900s. Sutz built guitars and violins in the area of Cincinnati known as "Over the Rhine" which was formerly known for its mostly German population.

Mr. Sutz had a reputation for being very demanding. He was a very strict luthier and maker of fine instruments including violins, mandolins, zithers, and guitars.

His acoustic guitars are among the best ever built. He is arguably the finest luthier of USA made instruments in the early 20th century. Our shop manager, Randall Van Dyke, is a huge fan of his work. Having handled about a dozen of the Sutz instruments, Randall said "I can safely say Sutz was among the finest luthiers that ever lived, the overtones that jump off his guitars are incredible, he easily sits in the top tier along with Harwood and John C. Haynes".

Nothing classes up the shop like a Sutz hanging on the wall. Contact to see what we have in stock. Looking to sell your Sutz? Drop us line & we'll see what we can do.