Stromberg-Voisinet Guitars

The Stromberg-Voisinet (SV) story has many twist and turns, as do many of the builders of Chicago made guitars in late 19th Century and early 20th century.

As with many of the pre-war Chicago instrument manufacturers, SV can be hit or miss. We've found that pre-1928 are the best examples. We are quite fond on the SV example with Gumby Headstocks. 

Although quite rare, we've seen a few pre-1928 SVs with the Gumby headstock, Brazilian Rosewood back/sides and sprice tops. All of them were still in playable condition with acceptable action for modern playing.

There are also many all Mahogany SV's equipped with pearloid finger boards that made wonderful restoration projects. 

"If you like light guitars with giant V necks, then you need a Stromberg in your collection" says Randall Van Dyke, our shop manager.  "The consistency of SV necks are unmatched, every one I've played from the 20's and 30's feels exactly like the others"

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