John C. Haynes - Guitar Builder

John C. Haynes & Co. was an American maker of musical instruments in the late 19th century. In our estimation, his company is one of the most significant pre-war guitar makers.

"If you share the opinion that Harwoods were the finest instruments of the pre-war era, then you have to give a big nod to Haynes" said our shop manager Randall Van Dyke. "Without Haynes, the early Harwoods might have been made by one of the Chicago outfits."

The company manufactured guitars sold under the Bay State, Tilton, Excelsior brand names. The company also made the early Harwood guitars for the Kansas City based, J.W. Jenkins, who later went on to produce Harwood Guitars in their Kansas City factory. 

By early in the 20th century, the company was no longer making instruments. John C. Haynes died at his home in Boston on May 3, 1907.

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 John C. Haynes