Virgil Arlo Pickups

Virgil Arlo is a retired a maker of vintage-style guitar pickups. In 2013, Virgil was still relatively obscure when we launched his first website. This led to a steady workflow & global demand. 

By 2015 Virgil Arlo had adapted a few of our proprietary technologies to his time-tested vintage design of using old school techniques. This merger of ideas led to an explosion of orders.

2016 was a pivotal year, dozens of video's popped up on youtube of pros playing their Arlo's, which led to more orders. Soon after, Virgil Arlo, the man who didn't even know what Facebook was, had a rather large following of over 30,000 guitarists on the platform. 

The relationship proved beneficial in terms of adapting the new technologies of Virtual Stagger Technology (VST), Infinite Bridge Technology (IBT) and Harmonic Sustain Capture (HSC), but that was only half of the success story. Our distribution network landed Virgil's pickups in some of the most respected guitar shops around the world, including the legendary Rudy Pensa's, New York City guitar shop.

By 2019, his advanced age, along with the wear and tear of such a demanding workload, led to his retirement from winding pickups.

It was a great partnership and our great honor to work with such a legend. We learned a great deal during this time and we are very proud of this mutually beneficial relationship. We look forward to forging similar relationships with other fine craftsmen in the near future.