Tone Specific Pickups

More Info about Tone Specific Pickups.

This brand of pickups made by three guys that met in a pool hall back in the late 1990's. These guys value their privacy & each of them try to keep a low personal profile. They are an interesting group of characters that share a passion for their craft. This passion comes through in the unrivaled build quality of their pickups.

There is an impressive list of session and touring guitarist that use Tone Specific pickups. Even more impressive, is the fact that these pro guitarists typically order pickup sets for all of their main working guitars. Many of them even replace their vintage pickups with these amazing pickups.

We are proud to have these great pickups on our roster of brands. In fact, Tone Specific was originally a brand under the American Musical Products, LLC Umbrella. 

If you are a dealer that would like to stock these amazing pickups or if you are a musician looking to upgrade your tone, then please send us an e-mail.